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Chapter 1: God is the Subject (Excerpt)

(The following post is an excerpt from chapter 1 of my next book, Welcome to the Age Faith: An Introduction to Postmodern Christianity) God is the Subject Do you remember life as a child, when you lived in innocent bliss? Do you remember how you … [Read more]

Classism, Social Justice, and Evangelicals

If you have your hand on the pulse of American society, then you’ve probably noticed a rise in the collective heart rate of our country. Yes, social media and the sensationalism of news broadcasting can overstate and exacerbate a social issue, but, … [Read more]

I Kissed Debating Goodbye

Fourteen years ago, when I was in seminary, a professor made a startling confession. The truth came out during a chapel service on campus, where he was the keynote speaker of the day. The professor began his sermon by stating that he had a confession … [Read more]

What the Church Can Learn From “Frozen”

Since posting my philosophical review of The Lego Movie I have received several requests to do a similar review of the Disney film Frozen. From a sociological perspective, I could see the movie’s postmodern message on women, marriage, and same-sex … [Read more]

What Makes Me a Postmodern Christian

I admit it: I’m postmodern. And despite the negative connotations the word has amongst Christians, particularly conservative Christians, “postmodern” is a term I embrace. In this post I’ll explain the foundational difference between a modern and a … [Read more]

What the Church Can Learn From “The LEGO Movie”

It’s hard for me to believe that the smartest, most forward-thinking commentary I’ve ever heard on American culture came in the form of a movie. And it wasn’t an artsy, indie film. It was a hilariously clever children’s movie. Now I realize I’m a … [Read more]

“Postmodern” is Not a Dirty Word

If you could walk into a thousand, randomly selected, churches around the country on a Sunday morning, I bet you’d be surprised by two things. First, you would be struck by how segmented the church has become. Two hundred years ago there were only a … [Read more]

What is a “Next Generation” Christian?

In attempting to define a “Next Generation” Christian, let me begin by saying culture is fluid, always changing, adapting, evolving. Look at American culture today compared to what it was like in the 1980s (the greatest decade ever), and then … [Read more]

Doctrine: When the Need to Be Right is Wrong

(Written by Dying to Control contributor, Mike Ballman) The gospel of John tells us that Jesus, in his final hours of freedom before his arrest, trial and execution, devoted himself to prayer. I would guess that most of us, faced with a similar … [Read more]

Sermon 5: For the Shame of It All

For the month of September I was the guest speaker/preacher on Sunday mornings at Cypress Bible Church. The five-week series was titled "A Faith That Can Change the World." Here's a brief summary of the final sermon: For the Shame of It All For the … [Read more]